Working Hard For You

My name is Steven Hennessey and I'm committed to making your voice heard at City Hall. Like you, I want to play an active role in making my community a safe, inclusive and prosperous place to raise my children, work, and forge a future filled with unlimited promise. 

I want to serve as your new voice in City Council. I believe strongly that the current voice in City Hall is jaded and mislead by scandal, fiscal mismanagement and poor leadership on numerous issues. For all the perceived good that may have been done, the current leadership in both St. Vital and other areas has been compromised.  Enough is enough. 

My message is simple:  Put the past behind us and move forward with new leadership. There can only be one answer to remove scandal and mismanagement from City Hall. It’s our time to send a message to City Hall and members of the Mayor's inner circle that includes Brian Mayes - we will not let this happen again!

Citizens of St. Vital deserve better.  We should be able to trust that our leadership makes accountable, transparent and responsible decisions. This is not currently happening and it's time we make a difference and vote in a new Council with new voices and perspective. Let’s look forward to rebuilding and reconnecting. Let’s look ahead to greater prosperity and accountability. Let’s make the right decision and elect those who will stand up and speak for you and work hard to regain your trust. 

If you share my vision, I urge you to connect with me and help make it happen on October 22nd.  Together, we can make a meaningful difference - for our families, our community, and our City. 

Vote Steven Hennessey as your next City Councillor for St. Vital. 

Candidate Steven Hennessey

for St. Vital

Steven Hennessey Campaign

City Council - St. Vital